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Fix Door

Without a doubt, at some point you will need to do a - fix door - honey do project.

It might be something pretty small, like a little squeak in the hinges or it could be a home repair project that is a little more involved.

I’ve seen doors (and had doors) that have squeaked, moved by themselves and not opened at all. It can be really frustrating. After all, you’re not making a great impression when someone comes to your house and the first thing they hear is “screeeeeek” as you open the door to say, “Hello, come on in!”

Not only that, have you ever had the door that just seems to sort of close by itself? How frustrating!!! You are vacuuming or moving something into the room or maybe it is just a high traffic door way and that stupid door just keeps closing all on its own. Time to Fix It!

No matter what the situation, I've been there. I live in an older house (as most of us do) and from time to time, I've needed to do simple repairs to fix the squeaking hinges and I've even gone as far as to replace the entire door frame and rehang the door (talk about a do it yourself home improvement project)

While doors only seem like...well.. a could have any number of challenges.

Here is a list of challenges I've come across (click on the links to see how to fix them).

Make sure you have the right tools for the job:

Simple Do it yourself "Fix Door" projects (Band Aid Scale of Home Repair 1-3):Does your door handle not work any more? Over time, your door handles tend to stick. The mechanics inside the handle get old and worn out and need to be replaced.

Do your hinges squeak? Grab some WD-40 and give it a light spray. Open and Close the door several times to work the WD-40 into your hinges.

Medium skill level 'Fix Door' projects (Band Aid Scale of Home Repair 4-6):
Does your door 'stick' as you are trying to open/close it? Recently, I helped my dad complete his ‘fix door’ home improvement project. His door was sticking as he tried to close it. And he had to 'push down on the handle' in order to open it. (and if that isn't going to be causing more problems, I don't know what will)

Some times your door doesn’t stay open. Have you ever had a door that tends to close by itself? Or close at least part way by itself and then just stay there? If you didn’t know any better, you’d almost think that the door was haunted or something crazy like that. In reality, the solution is pretty simple and with just a few steps, you’ll be able to get that door to stay open – without putting a paper weight in front of it.

Do you have pets (or kids) that like to hit the screen on your screen door? Here is the simple way to fix your screen door and save a lot of money (even if you were the one that made the hole)!

Involved 'Fix Door' home repair project (Band Aid Scale of 7-10):Or, one of my favorites, you just move into a new house and the door frame isn't the right color - instead of trying to paint over with a new color, you elect to go 'the easy route' and just replace the wood? This particular projects can become pretty involved, however, with a little knowhow, you to can do this 'Fix Door' home improvement project.

It looks like it is time to get swinging on the project (ok, couldn't resist).

What's next on your Honey Do List?

Jeff Hensiek

Make sure you have the right tools for your project:

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