Easy Bathroom Renovations

Time for some Bathroom Renovations but have tons of questions?

How do I replace my bathroom sink?
How do I upgrade my bathroom floor
How do I fix my toilet?

What does this rubber ring do?
I don’t see a crack, but there is water dripping, WHY? WHERE is it coming from?

Sound familiar? I’ve been there before and I know how frustrating it can be. Why won't this faucet stop Dripping? I’ve turned it off 15 times!

Renovating your bathroom yourself isn’t as difficult as you might think. You can easily fix faucets, your leaking shower head, unclog a stopped up drain and even replace a toilet as long as you know a few little tricks of the trade.

The bathroom is such a small room; however, it is a big part of our lives. With the exception of the bedroom and the kitchen, the bathroom is the most used room in the house (unless you have a home office).

Renovations in the bathroom, for the most part, are very cheep! As an example, under Fix Leaky Faucets , you'll see how to replace the spring and rubber washer for under $5.

When that plumber comes out to repair your house, you are mostly paying for a trip charge, and their time. Most plumbing repairs can be achieved with in less than 30 minutes and the plumber will bill you at least 30 minutes (probably around $75). Why not save the cash and do it for about $7.50.

Replace your own bathroom floor and save thousands.
Replace your bathroom sink for less than a steak dinner.

Dollar for dollar, when you fix bathroom things yourself, you will be getting your monies worth.

House values can be summed up with the following three things:

1) Bathroom Renovations
2) Kitchen Updates
3) Nice Master Bedrooms

Of course, when it comes to grout, faucets, copper piping, torches, cast iron, toilets and lots of WATER, you’re not too sure if you want to tackle these projects. After all, what is a 'snake' and how is it used? (Find out under 'Fix Clogged Drain')

As long as you follow the right steps and give yourself enough time, you too will be able to Renovate your Bathroom with ease.

Let's Fix It Together!

Jeff Hensiek

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