Fix It Friends

Do you have the right Fix It Friends?

Have you ever wondered who to go to if you need some supplies or need a tool? Do you ever wonder who the real pros go to? Well, on this page, I'll share with you who I use. These are the people that I go to (and refer) when it comes to projects, supplies, and tools.

Are you looking for Building Supplies?
Home Depot: I really like Home Depot. They are close to where I am at and tend to have more of a contractor feel to them. You can find a lot of good products at low prices.

Lowes: I also like Lowes. I tend to find that they are more of the designers hardware store. From what I've seen, I tend to be able to find more designs and styles.

Ace Hardware: I've always enjoyed Ace Hardware. It has much less of the industrial warehouse feel and more of an actual store feel. I also find they do carry some products that the others don't - and that is good.

Are you looking to sell your home?

Do you need tools? Dewalt: Much more of your contractor grade tools.

Do you need a new Roof?Atlanta Roofing
Need a new roof? Does your roof have hail or wind damage, or is it just worn out from normal wear and tear? Either way, you have come to the right place.

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