Next on your 'Honey Do List':
Fix Sticking Door

Next on your 'Honey Do List': Fix Sticking Door.

No matter what, anyone, in any home, in any state, in any country, in any property , has a fix door project.

You know it will happen, you go to the door and you brace yourself. You get ready for the tug of war...and this're going to win. That door has stuck time and time again and this time, you are going to win.

You tug and tug and.....

VICTORY! You've won, the door pops open.

You've held out for month and even years. The door has stuck and you just grin and bear it.

Maybe, you haven't had to battle the door, you've come up with your own little way of getting it open.

Maybe it is a quick little tug on the doorMaybe you 'put your hip into it'Maybe you even push down on the door handle while you twist, spin around three times and then the door comes open - particularly difficult when you are carrying hamburgers out to the grill (like my parents do - yes, they push down on the door handle to get the door open.)

NOTE: by the way, pushing down on the door handle can lead to more problems

However, NOT ANY MORE. Today is the day you complete your Fix Door Project.

That door has stuck long enough.

So, here is the big question, How do you fix a door?

On this page, I'll show you how to fix a door that is sticking (if this isn't fix your problem, click here to go back to the main - Fix Door - page and find another solution that is better suited for your situation):

Step 1: Analyze where the door sticks.I realize it seems simple, however, it can be rather difficult to find out 'exactly' where the stick is. The best way to do this is to look at the edge of the door and see where the finish has rubbed off.

Step 2: Sand it down:Now that you've identified where the door sticks, it is time to buckle down and 'get 'er done'. Time to finish this home improvement project.

Grab your hand sander (or some sheets of sand paper or a planer) and go to work. Gently sand off some of the door where the door is sticking.

STEP 3: Check your work! (early and often)You need to check your work very often. You only want to remove as much of the door as you need to. So, after a few seconds of sanding try closing the door. Is it all fixed? If not, keep sanding and check again, and again, and again! You can always take off more material, however, you can never put it back.

Congratulations! You door now closes well and doesn't stick.

You've completed another home improvement fix it project - Fix Sticking Door.

So, how does this project rank on the 'Band Aid Scale of Home Repair'?

This project is rather simple. There really aren't that many difficult things to note and so I'll be ranking this project as a 2.


So, why a 2?

Simply put, this project isn't all that difficult. Yes, I understand that you are going to be on a ladder and you could very well be using a power tool, however, the power tool is probably one of the safest tools you could be using. Also, the this project only will require 5-10 minutes of your time. It is relatively simple.

Here are few shots of when I helped my Dad do his Fix Sticking Door home improvement project.

In this first shot, you see that we've already been through step 1 (finding out where the door sticks) and we are now in step 2 (sanding the door down).

fix sticking door

In this next shot, you can see we also needed to sand the vertical side of the door. This door was sticking on both the top and sides of the door jamb. What is interesting to note about this door is that when ever it was humid, the door stuck and when it was dryer, the door didn't stick.

Fix sticking door

Again, with this project, you will spend just a few seconds sanding the edges of the door.

Congratulations again to you completing this Fix Sticking Door home improvement project!

Tell me about your next 'honey do' Fix It Project. and maybe it will become featured on the website,

Jeff Hensiek

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