My Home Project Accomplishment

Recently, I decided that my room needs a fresh coat of paint. I got some estimates and realized it was pretty expensive to get a professional paint job done. I did some searching on the internet and discovered that it wasn’t so hard. I could do it myself!!!

I bought a roller and a paint tray that comes with it. Then, I went and experimented with colors at the paint shop. After mixing five different colors, three times over, I finally got the shade of sky blue I wanted.

An entire Sunday of back breaking hard work, and Lo! My bedroom was as good as new. I couldn’t believe it that I had done this on my own!!! Just by reading a few articles and using a bit of sense, I had really done it by myself.

I was so proud of myself that I showed off my talents to all my friends and family. Anyone who so much as entered my house was instantly dragged to see my new room.

After I had gained confidence in myself, I took on the huge project of painting my whole house, inside and out. The inside part wasn’t so bad, I actually enjoyed it. I almost painted each room in a different color, matching it with the furniture and drapes.

The difficult part was the exterior of the house. I had to stand on ladders, kneel on my knees, and hang at the edge of the balcony and other such dangerous and tough stunts that I had never done for a long time. It took me one week to completely cover the entire house, interior and exterior.

I am now seriously thinking of being courageous enough to undertake newer projects. My next one is to sew little curtains for my kitchen. I believe ill be able to do it after reading a few do-it-yourself handy books and surfing on Google. All the best to me!!!!

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