Fix Toilet Problem #1:
Your Toilet doesn't stop running after you flush it.

Fix Toilet Problem:Your toilet doesn't stop running after you flush it.

Solution:Step 1: Go and catch it. (OK, bad joke:) Couldn't help myself:)

If your toilet keeps running (aka. filling) after your flush, chances are, you have a problem with your flapper valve.

The most likely cause of this project is the chain that connects to your flapper valve has gotten caught. The chain has worked its way under a part of the flapper valve and isn't allowing it to 'seal' properly.

The best easiest way to handle (no pun intended) this problem is to 'jiggle' the handle.

Surprised? So, you wanted some really in-depth description and a text book answer? The easiest way to fix it is to 'jiggle' it. No I'm not 'yankin' your chain'.

If this problem continues to come around, then of course, you'll need to take more action.

If this is the case, the next step you will do is to adjust your chain length.

Step 1: Remove the tank lid and find your chain

Step 2: see if you can make the chain tighter by adjusting it.

Step 3: remove any excess chain

That's all. Now you have effectively tightened up your chain. This should take care of any of the 'running'.

Congratulations! You just completed that project.

What's next on your Honey Do List?

Jeff Hensiek

Make sure you have the right tools for the job:

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