Fix Toilet Problem #2:
Your Toilet 'turns on' for no reason.

Fix Toilet Problem #2:Your toilet 'turns on' for no reason.

Solution:As you know by now, there is always a reason. The most common cause of this - fix toilet - project is chlorine in your water.

Ok, I'm getting a little into chemistry (Dr. McGahan, my high school chemistry teacher, would be so proud). Chlorine is something that your water company puts into the water to help filter the water and keep it clean.

Over time, this choline, even though there is a very minute amount of it in the water, has a tendency to 'eat away' at rubber things like your flapper valves - making them hard and not as flexible.

When rubber gets hard, it tends to shrink. This shrinking allows little bits of water to flow from the tank on a constant basis.

Over a period of an hour or 2 or 3, the water level in the back of the tank will become low enough to where the 'float' will notice the lower water level and open up the valve that lets in more water.

Hence, you end up with short periods of time where your toilet will run for no reason.

The fix is very simple. For just a few bucks you can go to the hardware store and purchase a new flapper valve. They have universal ones so don't worry too much if the color isn't exactly the same.

Step 1: Turn off the water to your toilet. below your tank, you have a valve that connects to your toilet. It is either coming out of the floor or coming out of the wall. Turn the knob to the right (righty tighty).

Step 2: Flush your toilet. You want to remove as much water as possible. This will make the job a little easier. The toilet should not turn on because you turned off the water.

Step 3: Install the new flapper valve.Take out the old and put in the new.

Step 4: Turn the water back no.

'BAM!' all done. Congratulations! You just completed this - fix toilet - project.

What is next on your Honey Do List?Jeff Hensiek

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